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You really can WEAR ANY COLOUR.


It's simply a matter of understanding three key elements that can guide you to find the right shade of any colour that flatters your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour. And if you like what you see then you hang onto clothes for longer and you have the knowledge to shop smarter and keep clothes expenditure down. That's a win for the pocket and importantly creates less fashion waste.


Of course, I'm all for wearing any colour regardless but the truth is if you love it, then chances are it's a colour that suits you. If you would like a bit of colour guidance then I'd love to share my passion for colour with you.

What does a colour analysis session involve?
Nice & Easy

Carried out in your own home, we just need enough space for a chair, a full length mirror (that I bring) and ideally a table nearby.

Luxury Cleanse

Before we start, we need to reveal the real you. Your skin is treated to a cleanse & moisturiser using luxurious, award winning Temple Spa products.

Time to drape

Bare-faced, we can see the real impact as we work through the analysis colour drapes. Ruling out those with the least or most unflattering effect on the face, we work through the fabric drapes until we identify your strongest colour direction.


The hard work done we then have time to select your most flattering shades and if desired, cross check with a few pieces already in your wardrobe.

£60 for 1.5 - 2 hrs


"Cara offers a completely fun and professional service to help you find your very best colours and styles. She will help you completely revamp your wardrobe and find clothes that make you look your very best. She also gives you a mini cleanse at the start with Temple Spa products which makes the whole session feel a real treat. I can't recommend her highly enough".

"I recently had a colouring session with Cara and loved it! We spent a couple of hours looking at different colours of fabric and the effect they have on my skintone. I have a much clearer idea of what to look out for next time I head to the shops, and what to avoid! It was a really relaxing and enlightening experience".

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