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Punch Needle Q & A

I absolutely love punch needle but as I say in the opening of my workshops, it can be a bit of a bugger! Without the right yarn and fabric for your size of needle, the right fabric tension and a few tips followed, it's not going to be the mindful experience it could be! I have answered a few common queries below but do get in touch if you have any other questions. You can also come along to one of my workshops or organise a private gathering of your friends and I'll bring the punch needle tutorial to you.

Where can I buy punch needle supplies including the fabric?

In our online shop! Having tested lots of punch needle supplies, I have added the items I know have worked well for me into our shop. That includes a lovely British Made wooden luxury punch needle with a strong threader (cheap ones break easily). Also sourced from the UK, we have industry grade rug fabric, in a gorgeous mid grey colour, that makes using your punching easy work and avoids the issue of holes and yarn slippage. It is perfect for the chunky punch needle yarn projects. 

How do I thread my punch needle?

It depends on which needle you have.


If you have one that is open all along the side like an Amy Oxford punch needle then you do not need a threader. Simply thread the eye of the needle with the yarn, taking the yarn through the open side of the needle. Then lay the yarn along the open groove in the wooden handle and holding both ends of the yarn, pull the yarn until it slides into the groove. Incredibly quick and easy.

If your needle is not open along the side, you will need a threader long enough to go up the shaft from the metal needle base up and out the end of the punch. Once you have inserted the needle threader so that it pops out the base of the needle, insert the end of your yarn through the threader and pull it down by pulling th threader down. The yarn should then be out the bottom of the needle but you are not finished yet. You need to thread the yarn from the open back of the needle through the eye ( you can use your threader to do this). This all sounds complicated but it's super easy.


A short length of yarn needs to be dangling from the eye of the needle and you are then ready to begin punching! 

My thread keeps falling out of the fabric?

There are a few things to check:

  • Perhaps the yarn is too fine for the punch needle you have which may be making holes much larger than the density of your yarn. Try a thicker yarn.

  • Perhaps you don't have the right type fabric. The correct fabric is the make or break in your enjoyment of punch needle. Believe me, I have tested quite a few and have put my favourite, a premium industry grade fabric from the UK in the online shop.

  • Is your yarn getting caught on something? the slightest tug can pull out your stitches.

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