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The mental health benefits for getting creative with your hands is one of the main reasons I set up MY CRAFT TRIBE. For my mind, the minds of other adults, teens and kids. My goal is for people to gather and make, away from screens, loneliness, pressures from everyday life and connect.

When you are focusing on making, you’re mind is focused, you immediately have something in common to talk about to the people around you, it breaks down barriers and creates new connections or allows you to reconnect with friends and family.

If you can be shy like me, the lack of eye contact while you are focusing on the craft allows freer, easier conversation. It also can give you an interest that you can take away to develop at home where it can be lonely for some or over frantic and stressed for others.

I have exciting plans for the coming months for adults, kids and teens, I’m particularly passionate about arming the younger generation skills to cope with stress and connect with others. It started with my kids workshops and after school club but I’ve plans for much more including teen events. That's in addition to the textile workshops, wellness and self love events that are coming up this Spring.

I want people to be able say in times of need, I have My Craft Tribe. We need to be there for each other and look after the minds of the younger generations. So let's improve our mental health, catch up with old friends, make new ones and MAKE + CONNECT


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