Get started with this cool plant punch needle kit. Make this cute design with all the kit required and you'll then have punch needle addiction and the tool to be able to create so many other fab projects.


Kit Includes:


- Lavor Punch Needle with three needle sizes of adjustable length

- Fabric

- Yarn (shades may vary a little)

- Needle

- Hoop

- Design

- Punch Needle Guide


As a Punch Needle Tutor, I have bought and road tested quite a few punch needles and this is definitely one of my favourites. I love it's versatility, it works with embroidery floss upto double knit yarn and as it is a finer needle it works with more fabric types too. 


Macrame Plant Hanger Punch Needle Kit

SKU: Plant Punch Needle Kit
Gift Wrap with a handmade label and message